Energy Healing

What is Multi-dimensional healing?

Multi-dimensional healing is an energy technique used to clear the body of dysfunctional patterns.  These patterns if not cleared can build up many barriers and affect a person both physically and emotionally.  These barriers can start at a very early age, with parents telling a child it is hopeless, useless, stupid, etc. When a person hears these things often enough they begin to believe them as truth. A child might hear one parent criticise the other, so verbal abuse becomes normal to them. Later in life, they can then attract the same type of person as a partner. In some cases a person’s belief system tells them that they are not worthy of anything better. In these cases people may not have the tools to help themselves and can go deeper into dysfunction, this technique can help a person become aware that they have choices and can improve their health and well-being.

Some of the things that can be cleared and or healed are:

  • Relationships, family, parents and siblings, partners, friends, work colleagues.
  • Lack of abundance.
  • No joy or excitement in your life, no purpose.
  • Job/Career satisfaction.
  • Deep wounding that you see as being, NOT YOUR FAULT.
  • To clear past relationships.
  • Continual sickness, or dis-ease.
  • Past life blockages.

This technique re-connects you to your personal blueprint, it is a very active process, and not for those who are looking to chill out, relax,  zone out or have a quick fix. The process requires a commitment to actively engage, and participate fully.  In many cases it can be a very liberating experience, and enables the person to continue to improve their life. The technique was designed to personally empower you and show you that with knowledge and the correct tools anyone can clear and heal any dysfunction as it occurs.

If you have areas of your life that do not run smoothly. If you repeat the same patterns. If you are attracted to the wrong type of person. Living in constant crisis. Or you just feel you are not getting all that life has to offer.

Michelle will help you to connect you to your original blueprint on a soul level.

Not in Melbourne or Australia? These sessions are available in person or via Skype, please contact Michelle for more information!