Some of the Testimonials we've received from our clients.......

Michelle is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Enjoyed my visit.

— L.S

one of the best experiences I have had!

- AB

Michelle has a unique gift to help people


Michelle takes the time to understand me, works with my beliefs and gives me ideas, tools and techniques I can take home and practice


Michelle, just wanted to say thank you, thank you and thank you for sharing your knowledge with me … I’m using the exercise you taught us this morning! The class was fantastic and you are a wonderful teacher!


I vaguely remember my first visit. I was nervous, I had only previously done Reiki and a friend suggested Kinesiology to help me move forward in my spiritual development. Michelle instantly made me feel quite calm on arrival and we quickly jumped into the session.

Michelle has helped me take responsibility for things that I did not want to accept about myself and supported me through that process.


I have been working with Michelle for just on a year and have achieved more than I ever imagined. Health, happiness, business success, emotional guidance, mental resilience – One wonderful journey.

Thank you to a wonderfully gifted and giving individual.


Michelle was very welcoming, friendly and down to earth. She is also very professional and knowledgeable and I enjoyed my visit very much. I would certainly visit Phoenix Wellness again.

— Anonymous

I have been to a number of Kinesiologists and since I found Michelle I have stayed with her. She has an ability to understand my issues and clear them using the work she does. Then she provides me with techniques to empower me to continue to deal with any issues as they arise. As I work with clients, she has helped me release those things that I held for the client and had not let go of, which was causing me to be fatigued.
I have referred other clients to Michelle because she has a way of working with them when I was unable help them with their issue through hypnotherapy.
I find Michelle to be very dedicated, is willing to go the extra mile to add in an appointment outside her normal hours and Michelle has a way of making me laugh so I always leave in a better mood than when I arrived.


Michelle has been able to support me with a complex condition (MS) over 4 years. Since working with Michelle there has been a sustained and gradual improvement in my health and my own ability to work with my body. I think the best gift that Michelle has been that she has never claimed to be the one that “fixes” me but instead continually encourages me to deepen my understanding of how my system works and make wise choices in light of this knowledge.”


Michelle’s unique approach and ability to “tell it like it is” is refreshing and empowering to the client. I highly recommend her services.

— Tracy McMahon

After many years of dealing with a chronic illness and reading the previous testimonials I was encouraged to try Reiki. Having known nothing about it I was pleasantly surprised at how much it helps.
Michelle has been a great help simplifying problems I have been having and giving me ways to deal with them in the future while also re-energising and balancing my current state of health.
Yes. Of course I would recommend Michelle! She has made me aware of myself and ways to deal with my health and state of mind that has been easy to understand and apply. I always leave feeling so much better then I arrived.


Michelle has helped me take responsibility for things that I did not want to accept about myself and supported me through that process. I have already recommended Michelle to others. She instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed and walks through the process with you. There have been things that I have shared with her that I haven’t shared with anyone else. One important thing is that she doesn’t force anything on you and that you are free to decide. Some can have an invested emotional interest in what you do and try and tell you what to do as they “know” better.

I remember that Michelle said “I’m not going to hold your hand and that you will have to take responsibility for your development”. This leads Michelle to sharing insights with me and then weeks later, something happens and reinforces it – Ah! That’s what she meant – or something happened and she asked out of the blue, if it did eg. “Have you seen a buzzard recently?”, “Ah let me think. Yes one swooped down in front my vehicle while I was driving”.

Each session follows a general structure however the session tends to be dynamic and sometimes we end up both laughing at something. Michelle gives me homework to work on until the next session and after each session I feel very grounded and need to relax and let my body absorb the work. All in all a very positive experience for me and I look forward to each session with her as I always without fail learn something about myself that I wasn’t necessarily conscious of.


I came to see Michelle initially for a Reflexology appointment, expecting to enjoy a relaxing session. My eyes were opened widely as we delved a little deeper into my thoughts and I started to connect that my thoughts manifest themselves in the physical body. I then had a Kinesiology session and I was hooked from then, I finally found someone who knew exactly what was going on and guided me through my process of creating a healthier mind and body. I see Michelle regularly and it has changed my life in every possible way. I am a much happier, healthier person and my relationship with myself is blossoming. I would highly recommend Michelle, her combined therapies will offer you what you are looking for, even if you’re not aware right now of what that is!!


I came to Michelle with shoulder pain, uncertain of what exactly Kinesiology was.

My assumption was that it was a type of physical therapy with a mind-to-muscle connection component, not unlike the concepts in resistance training. However, from the very first session with Michelle, it was very clear that the physical pain was really only scratching the surface.

In just a few sessions, we were able to start peeling away a myriad of physical, mental, psychological and spiritual layers that were manifesting as shoulder tension in the body. Michelle is dedicated, focused and very gifted. She does what it takes to bring about healing. I never found her sessions to be rushed or pressured, or that I was merely one of fifty million clients. Her offices also have great energy and are very comfortable and welcoming.

When I think back to the exceptionally painful period in my life during which I (thankfully!) found her and the Kinesiology treatment philosophy, I can honestly say she saved my life. I would recommend Michelle wholeheartedly to anyone experiencing physical, psychological and spiritual discomfort that is not responding to conventional treatment.


I was initially referred to Michelle by another holistic practitioner who recommended her for me to re-do the Reiki 1 course…
At that particular stage of my life, I was very emotionally shut down, playing the “I’m fine” game, but I knew I really wasn’t… Michelle helped me to re-connect to the pieces of me that I had somehow managed to either turn off or completely ignore…
Through her Reiki courses I rediscovered my inner power & spiritual strength. Through her kinesiology sessions I have re-established myself as a whole person. I am no longer a mess of self-doubts & anxiety… I am now a more rounded, better balanced, spiritually functioning person that feels OK about herself once again…
Michelle helps you by giving you the guidance and the space to grow mentally and spiritually so that you can help yourself get well…
I would recommend Michelle’s holistic services to anyone who is searching for that “something” that seems to be missing… Michelle will help you find it and assist you in maintaining it as well…


I am a professional employed in health care. I work in a sub-acute, medical specialty. My background is in applied science. I have had many years’ experience in acute & sub-acute health, both medical & surgical.

For me, health and wellbeing have been a lifelong priority. Yet, despite physical wellbeing, I have never felt that zest for life that I really wanted.

I have tried a number of complementary health modalities without experiencing any tangible improvement.

I always thought the one modality I did not need to bother with was Kinesiology. I just thought that was a load of “hocus pocus”.

To be honest, I am not sure why I decided, against all inclination and reason, that I should see a Kinesiologist. I think a part of me had just got to the point of “is this all there is? Is this as good as it gets?”. It was as though, despite being outwardly successful, a part of me was barely alive.

In my search, Michelle’s listing jumped out at me. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because she had a corporate background. I thought she would at least grasp the environment in which I spend 80 – 90% of my time.

All I can say is that working with Michelle has been nothing short of a stunning success! I feel calm, content & energised. I have a renewed pleasure in my work and renewed enjoyment in life. I feel subjectively transformed (for the better). And everyone around me can see the change. Working in a leadership position requires me to be positive, enthusiastic and supportive. And that is exactly how I feel.

-- Cathy Glass

I made my first appointment to see what Michelle does. I had heard about Kinesiology but had never experienced it firsthand. That appointment has changed my life. I’ve never come across anyone who can help connect the mind, body, spirit and energy in such a way.

When I have no energy, I can’t think straight and nothing seems to be going right, that’s when I know I need to see Michelle.

I have recommended all my family and friends to see Michelle at least once because I know that when they meet her, I don’t need to say anything else. All of them have come to the same conclusion as me about Michelle. I continue to recommend Michelle to everyone I come across.

Michelle doesn’t claim to know everything unlike other professionals, she keeps an open mind and she is always accepting of others, their beliefs and choices, and works with them to find solutions that is beneficial to the person. She puts time and energy into understanding other people’s point of view and then explains things in their terms so it makes sense to them.

Michelle is very professional in all her dealings, but that doesn’t stop her from being an honest and friendly person. Michelle has helped me help myself. No doubt there is work to be done on my part, but Michelle makes it easier.

Not only does Michelle help people in a unique way, she also goes well and beyond anyone’s expectations. Michelle doesn’t treat her clients as just another customer. She is very flexible, and is always willing to help. My younger sister wasn’t in the best way when I asked Michelle for help, my sister could barely walk. Michelle saw her – for the first time, late on Christmas Eve! She didn’t have to, but Michelle knew how much that helped me personally. And my sister felt great after seeing Michelle.

Anyone is safe in Michelle’s hands. Michelle has unique gift to help people.


I had been experiencing intense headaches for over six months.  I was referred to Michelle by a psychologist who thought that finding out where the headaches stemmed from would be the best.  Since resolving the issue with the headaches, I have continued to see Michelle for various reasons including weight loss, anxiety, & grief.

Michelle is very easy to connect with, easy to talk to and unbelievably supporting.  Often she tells me things that I would have heard from other people but she uses language that I understand and can relate to.  She is a fantastic listener and of all the medical professionals and alternative therapies I have tried for my headaches, tiredness etc. Michelle’s service is the only thing that I feel has had a positive effect on me.  When I started seeing Michelle, I had headaches, all day and every day, now I have one headache every couple of weeks and Michelle has taught me easy ways to make the headaches subside.

Michelle has supported me in every possible way!  She has helped with my health, emotional wellbeing and even with my relationships.  She has made me more confident and taught me ways to cope with panic attacks, headaches etc.

I have and will continue to recommend this service to close friends and family with any form of pain, grief etc.  Michelle is awesome! And I would be lost without her!!

— A.Winston

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