About Phoenix Wellness

As a business we foster cooperative relationships between traditional western models and natural modalities, believing that we live in a time where we can have the best of both worlds when we work together! In a commitment to support our clients the best way we know how, we surround them and us with good quality practitioners of all modalities to support their health and wellbeing!

Our primary goal for our clients, is that they each have the opportunity, information and tools to become a ‘More balanced version of themselves’ regardless of their faith, beliefs, cultures, favourite colours and so on. By empowering our clients this way, we have discovered that they become happier, healthier and more resilient to the bumps and bruises of everyday life!

Michelle Quinn

Michelle Quinn

Founder and Principal

Michelle is well known for her intuitive down to earth and direct no-nonsense approach. What you see is what you get!

Michelle’s affinity for working with people was evident from childhood, born an ‘old soul’ she was able to engage and communicate with all walks of life regardless of age.  It was also obvious to others from the beginning of her working life (although not always as obvious to Michelle) that she had an uncanny knack for getting to the truth of a situation.

Michelle has developed her own unique coaching style, after working with a range of clients and small businesses. She provides an insightful forward thinking approach to individual sessions along with creating targeted programs and packages to provide relevant and practical solutions.

Having the ability to help others understand and see things from a different perspective. Then start to identify blocks to their success, which allows her clients to learn to put processes in place to produce real positive results in their lives.

From management careers in hospitality to corporate office management and HR, from sales to recruitment within some of the largest companies in the world, she has always preferred working face-to-face with people, primarily in the areas of service, support and training.  In hindsight it’s no surprise then that when it was time for a change from the corporate world; Michelle chose to study different forms of holistic modalities and offers Services where she can work one-on-one or with small groups to assist people in achieving their personal goals and improve their health and wellbeing.

Michelle first heard about kinesiology when she was in her teens and dismissed it. A number of years later Michelle reached a point where she was tired of being physically ill and unhappy all of the time – a state she’d lived in for many years. Michelle understood that she needed to work through a number of emotional issues and decided to do something about it – she sought out a kinesiologist.

Kinesiology has helped Michelle get to a point where she now takes full responsibility for herself and her life and it has assisted her in understanding and clearing “old stuff” that was holding her back from her full potential.

Coaching then opened up a new world of infinite possibilities and has given her the confidence to break from her corporate background and focus on her passion which is to help people!

Whilst Michelle is comfortable working in all areas of health and wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, she is particularly passionate about self-responsibility and in breaking down the barriers to reaching one’s full potential.